Benefits of Teleconferencing for Commercial Establishments

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Malaysia is home to several global corporate firms that render their services across various sectors in the country. Besides local business firms, major multinational companies (MNCs) such as Intel, Citibank, Dell Asia Pacific, Ernest and Young and Accenture conduct their operations in Malaysia. Consequently, the need of a secured environment for quick and efficient information exchange system has surged. Such organisations rely on multipoint conferencing in order to coordinate with their geographically dispersed offices  worldwide. In comparison to traditional communication media, opting for teleconferencing generates savings and boosts overall organisational productivity.

Users can enjoy highly efficient multipoint conferencing anywhere and anytime. As a result, professionals do not need to travel to far flung destinations in order to host or attend meetings. Another major benefit offered by conferencing call is that professionals enjoy the flexibility of working from home. Without compromising on efficiency, they get to play an active role at workplace while performing their requisite duties from home. In spite of not going to office physically, they can still collaborate with team members for a particular project. Thus, they are productive even in situations when they would have taken leave.

Numerous companies in Malaysia make use of conference call in order to save time. Advancements in the transportation sector have, needless to say, come up with fast modes of conveyance. However, significant amount of time is still consumed in travelling to and from airports, waiting lounges and check-in formalities. In case the journey is made across time zones, professionals suffer from jet lag, which affects productivity adversely. As a result, although the meeting might have occurred for a short span of time, associated events consume time. Employees get to attend meetings without undergoing any unnecessary travel and stress by opting for multipoint conferencing.
In case an organisation frames new rules or wants to modify the existing ones, the same has to be properly informed to every employee. Teleconferencing plays a crucial role in this context by facilitating the necessary information flow. Users only need a conference bridge log in ID and password in order to liaise with employees, associates or clients. The requisite ID and password is granted to companies by conferencing service providers based in Malaysia.

Many Malaysian companies make use of multipoint conferencing for finding and recruiting potential employees. Organisations are able to conduct more interview sessions within the set budget. Candidates can attend interviews even from their homes, which mean that the cost of commuting to interview venues is eliminated. Moreover, Human Resource (HR) department can interview and select potential employees from far flung destinations at the most affordable rates. By opting for such conferencing services, firms can ensure liaison between different offices and increase productivity by a considerable margin.

Owing to conference calls, professionals of corporate firms can seamlessly exchange information while eliminating costs and hassles that are associated with traditional meetings. Furthermore, incorporation of advanced features such as multiple-user conferencing facility and Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions have ensured high Return on Investment (ROI) to every business firm that uses teleconferencing services.

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Benefits of Teleconferencing for Commercial Establishments

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Benefits of Teleconferencing for Commercial Establishments

This article was published on 2012/05/16