Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

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In Singapore, business firms in every sector and of all sizes are opting for video conferencing as a means to increase their productivity, to stay connected and eliminate extra travelling or resource cost. With the advancement in technology and reduced investment, Video conferencing has gradually become an efficient and viable way of communication with employees, customers and other stakeholders. There are many advantages of using this technology, some of them are as follows:

1. Increase in Productivity

Today, most conferencing systems facilitate advanced features, which lets users to share, review documents as well as share PowerPoint Presentations in real-time. This facility to share and collaborate with ease, on different formats has added another feature to video conferencing, which was not possible earlier. Now, decisions are made quickly, products or services come to market faster and sales have increased remarkably. These benefits help to improve operational efficiency, thus allowing business firms to create a stronghold in the market.

2. Decrease in Expenditure and Increase in Savings

Another benefit that comes with video conferencing is that it allows companies to cut down on their travel expenses. With the help of web conferencing, companies can carry out business on a global platform without increasing the carbon footprint or spending money on airfare, meals and accommodation. Furthermore, it has turned out to be an excellent means to promote a green environment.

3. Stay Connected

Video conferencing helps in retaining and getting in touch with valuable employees who are relocated or work from their homes. It helps in reducing the cost that is incurred while recruiting new people along with cutting down on retraining expenses. It also allows employees to keep a track of company’s new policies, project developments and other day-to-day operations. Today, with remote conferencing, geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier for effective communication.

4. Improve and Maintain Business Associations

Contrary to traditional conference calls, emails or texts, a video conferencing session lets the participants to see each other making the meetings a lot more interactive as well as fruitful. Most of the service providers offer recording and storage solutions allowing the host to save and archive crucial virtual meetings. These recorded sessions can serve as future training tools and also for compliance regulations.

5. Improving Work-Life Balance

Usually, excessive business travelling can strain the personal as well as professional life of the employee owing to the common unpredictability associated with travelling, which includes delayed or cancelled flights. On the other hand, video conferencing is a solution to the unpredictability and offer reliability as meetings are held on time. This helps employees to keep a better work-life balance even in stressed situations.

The benefits that are offered by video conferencing technology are remarkable and these benefits are being availed by the companies in Singapore in order to offer an improved work environment to their employees and in turn has increased both productivity and better utilization of resources. This modern technology helps the business houses to reach larger audiences and spread their business across the globe.

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Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

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Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

This article was published on 2013/02/22