Conference Calling Value and Service

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A conference call is, by definition telephone call where there are multiple parties are involved either by audio or video.

Call conferencing are specifically designed so that the initiating party can contact each participant and add them to the conference so that all of the participants can join in. The participants also have the facility to join in on their own by dialing a pre-programmed number which connects them to a device that is referred to as the "conference bridge." There are some companies that provide a password of PIN for people so they can initiate the calling activities.

When you make a three-way call, you are in effect making a simple type of conference call. To make the call you dial a first number and once you are connected to that person you need to push a button, dial the next person and while it is ringing, you press a button again so that the three participants get interconnected.

The biggest users of the technology are business houses as their daily activities include a large number of interactions with clients, sales people, employees, managers, division heads and even their HR people do interviews using the facility. The technology helps organizations cut costs that would otherwise have been incurred for travel expenses, accommodation and meal expenses if meetings had to take place face to face.

Such calls can also be used for socializing and entertainment. There are different types of conference calls like video, audio and web-based. There are numerous service providers for these different types of services.

Among the most popular communication methods for many people is the web-based call and there are many providers that offer the service for nominal charges. For most people, web-based calls, especially to their families and friends overseas, are more affordable than conventional ones. Plus, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Conferencing services are commonly offered with either a flat monthly rate or a per call rate. There are even prepaid services wherein you can make calls and you are charged as per your usage.

The biggest benefits of the technology is time saving and cost cutting. When time means money, you would want to accomplish as many things as you can. This technology help you communicate with other people without the need travel. For most companies, travel-related costs make up a large portion of their expenses. The availability of the technology allows them to conduct their business for less cost than having to ferry people from one place to another.

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Conference Calling Value and Service

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This article was published on 2011/07/10