Conference Transcription Services – Why?

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Conference transcription is to convert audio files to text files. Conference transcription is done for an academic or business conference to text files in Microsoft Word format. A company providing conference transcription services generally always works for any type of transcription task.

Conference organizers choose to use a conference transcription service because of four main reasons such as:

1. Through repetition increasing retention themes of the conference

2. Increasing post-conference marketing efforts

3. Driving more traffic through search engines

4. Opportunity to send promotional materials to conference attendees

People partially attend a conference because of distraction. They attend several conferences and concentrating at all the conferences is next to impossible. Few people attend lectures to form relationships. Sometimes people even miss main themes after attending the conference. Thus, making a transcription of the conference and providing them to attendees is vital to effectively conveying the core message of the conference.

Providing transcripts to conference attendees creates opportunities where attendees of the conference can market a lecture and its key ideology on the behalf of the organizer. Attendees can use these transcripts to post it on their blogs providing a commentary; add excerpts in their newsletters, etc. This will work as a conversational tool for the organizer.

Few conference organizers also upload videos of their core lectures to their websites along with the summary of the conference. Online videos serve as great tools in increasing website traffic, but search engines do not convey what it contains. People also write short summary to their videos while posting them online, which is not sufficient. The only way of ensuring search engines completely index the video content is having a conference transcription services convert the audio of the video to text file.

Sending free of cost conference transcripts to attendees builds goodwill and also creates an opportunity for conference organizers to include related services marketing materials for that are potentially lucrative without apparently being invasive or irritating.

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Conference Transcription Services – Why?

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This article was published on 2011/01/07