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There are many types of flexible ducting available from manufacturers. The type of ducting required will depend upon the purpose for which it is being used. Literally hundreds of types of flexi ducting are now being produced and sold for: exhaust systems, pollution control, vehicle exhaust systems, industrial vacuum cleaners, domestic vacuum cleaners, heating systems, air conditioning systems, the list goes on and on.

It is vitally important that you know exactly what type of ducting you require before buying. For instance if you were looking for some flexible ducting for an industrial vacuum cleaner than you would need ducting that is resistant to the majority of chemicals, lightweight and flexible, with high abrasion resistance.

A single- ply aluminium coated fibreglass fabric hose would be suitable for a diesel engine exhaust or an aircraft also brick kilns and chemical plants. There are many characteristics and product features of each individual flexi ducting the wall thickness, the length, the tolerances and the end finish.

There are many skills and tips to be learned before being able to install flexible duct when installing air conditioning. An important matter when installing duct is to make sure that the flexi duct is fully extended and not in a compressed state and leave no excess lengths of duct as this will increase resistance to air flow. Duct should not be bent around anything sharp that could damage it, it would be advisable to contact a qualified professional for any type of duct installation.

Insulated ducting is available that is very hard wearing and with a puncture resistant core the insulation is high density fibreglass this type of ducting is ideal for toilets, bathrooms, garages and hydroponics it is also coated in fire resistant material to prevent the spread of fire if it occurred from one room to another through the ducting. Insulated ducting should be used whenever it passes through an unheated area.

Thermoplastics rubber ducting is more suitable for challenging environments such as high temperature locations and where the ducting will be exposed to chemicals and weathering. Polyurethane ducting is manufactured in lightweight and heavyweight and is used in the woodworking industry.

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Flexible Ducting

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Flexible Ducting

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