The Perfect Meeting and Conference Room

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Companies hire conference rooms for different purposes such as for conducting staff meetings, conducting training seminars, conducting interviews, and for yearly gatherings. When hiring a meeting room or a conference room, companies have to look at certain factors before deciding on a particular conference room. The companies can also use the help of conference booking agencies for making the bookings.

Before actually trying to arrive at a conference venue, the company should first list their requirements in terms of the purpose of the meeting and the size of the crowd that will be attending the meeting. If it's going to be an internal middle manager's meeting, where the number of people will not exceed 30 or 40, then it doesn't makes sense to book a conference room which can accommodate 400 people. After estimating the size of the meeting room participants, the next thing is to check out is the infrastructure available in the conference room. It should have the facility to project presentations through an LCD projector. There should be a drop-down blackboard, in case someone in the meeting wants to write down some of his ideas or suggestions.

Video conferencing, which was an optional thing some 5 years back, has almost become mandatory; particularly for a big company that has its offices spread across different continents. Another important thing to check is the availability of high speed wireless internet connectivity. As most of employees use company-provided laptops for accessing important information, they need high-speed wireless internet access. It will be ideal if somebody from the company physically visits the conference room and checks whether all the facilities are up to the mark and functioning well.

When holding training seminars, the companies should try to find conference rooms that have adequate lighting facilities. As most of the training is done on front of the personal computer, the companies should check whether the room can accommodate 30 to 40 personal computers. Based on the number of people attending the training, the conference room should have adequate number of chairs and tables. Additionally different shaped tables should be available for holding different types of meetings. For a 6 member gathering, a round shaped table is more than sufficient. But for a 30 to 40 member gathering, an oval shaped or a U-shaped table will be ideal. Recreational facilities such as freshly made tea, coffee and snacks should also be available for the participants.

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The Perfect Meeting and Conference Room

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This article was published on 2011/08/22