Tips For Effective Conference Management

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Any event planner will tell you that organising a party, conference or any other type of event for that matter can be extremely stressful. It is very important that in order to keep stress to a minimum you follow a few strategies that will ensure there is order instead of chaos and plenty of time available instead of rushing round taking care of last minute jobs. This article provides some top tips taken from planners themselves on how to make your conference management smooth and stress free.

Tip 1 Allow plenty of time to plan
Everything always takes longer than you plan so it is vital you leave yourself ample time to prepare everything. Problems are bound to crop up and there are going to be additional tasks that need taking care of that you hadn't planned for. Allowing yourself enough time will mean it runs as smoothly as possible and you won't suffer from a nervous breakdown in the process. If you were planning on one month to organise, give yourself two months - just to be on the safe side.

Tip 2 Prepare a list of criteria you need for the venue
Finding the right venue can be one of the most time consuming parts of organising a conference. In order to get it off to the best start prepare a list of criteria that need to be met. That way if you phone up a conference centre or visit their website you can fire off a list of questions. If all the answers are favourable you can book in a time to make a visit. If the questions are not favourable then you don't waste precious time heading out to have a look.

Tip 3 Set a budget from the start
Costs spiraling out of control is another way that can make conference planning very difficult and stressful. Set the budget right from the start and you will find it much easier to keep the costs reigned in. It is also a good idea to have a small contingency fund available so that if any unforeseen costs materialise you have the funds to cover them.

Tip 4 Don't be afraid to ask for help
There is nothing wrong with calling in for additional help or delegating tasks to others. It can also be sensible to call on the professionals and arrange for a team of conference planners to take on the task of organising the event. They know exactly what to do and by taking the burden off you, you are free to get on with the other important tasks or projects that need your attention.

Tip 5 Get out invitations early
If you plan well ahead you can get the responses back very quickly and this will really help you to get everything organised. Having finalised numbers as early as possible will really help with food and drink organising, parking and seating arrangements. It will also enable you to book the right sized room for the event. Make sure the invitation includes space to provide information about any special diets, because this is another area can cause chaos if no special diets have been catered for.

If you follow this advice then you will find that organising any event or conference becomes that bit easier. Because the deadlines are so strict and because there are so many moving parts when organising events, the key is to leave yourself as much time as possible. Nothing is easy or straight forward about conference management. From booking the event venue to providing the food and drink there are a huge number of considerations to be made beforehand. Whether it's searching for appropriate Christmas party venues or arranging decorations, always plan for more time being needed and more money, and you won't go too far wrong!
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Tips For Effective Conference Management

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This article was published on 2010/10/21