To know about various types of sofas.

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When we talk about furnishing living room, sofa is the first thing that comes in our mind. As it is most preferred and comfortable furniture, that is suitable for keeping anywhere. One of the most used sofa’s available today is contemporary sofas. It can be defined as the sofa which is sleek in design and has curved edges. Generally flat and square shaped cushions are used for it. Let me discuss about the types available in it which helps you in taking its purchasing decision.

First commonly used style is standard style sofa. It is considered as inexpensive in comparison to other sofas. It comes with seat, back rest, and base, all these things are attached with each other. The cushions comes with it can be attached and also detached as needed.  So it is considered as useful sofa by most people because of its so many features and high level of convenience it offers.

Another famous type is Sleeper sofa. Some people called it as sofa beds. As it is clear from its name itself that it can be used for both sleeping and seating purposes. Because of its dual purposes you need not to keep bed in your home. But it is little bit heavy in weight then other types because of its heavy frame. It consists of mattress also with its frame, which makes it heavier.  If you want it in less size then it is also available in small size.

Some people find it bulky and expensive so it will be nice if there is an option to fold its bed whenever required.  As they don’t consist of bed frame but you can convert it into bed by unfolding its cushion. If you spread its back part then it will convert into a full sized frame.  It doesn’t consist of mattress so it is light in weight then above mentioned type of sofa and also inexpensive then first one.

If we talk about the sofa which has reclined facility then it is also available in contemporary range of sofas. When you recline it’s back then you can get its foot rest. It is considered as very comfortable type of sofas among all the above mentioned types.

Some people have to relocate sofa very often, in such situations sectional sofa is very useful. Sectional sofa allows you to move it in parts. It also offers some space to keep petty items like magazines, remote, etc. In short it gives you the facility of small shelf where you can keep necessary things.

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To know about various types of sofas.

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To know about various types of sofas.

This article was published on 2012/04/27