Understanding Conference Call Services

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Using conference call services are becoming more and more popular these days. There is constantly rising demand for them as the more businesses and individuals are finding such calls more convenient.

The conference call is a favorite in the business world as there are frequent requirements for many people to communicate. Being able to get in touch with the different offices of a company when need arises can be very convenient and also economical for most companies. Divisions that have offices in different locations will no longer have to send people from one place to another just to get their messages across. Different offices located in different countries need not have to wait until their executives reach their head office to make decisions.

Conference calls can either be audio, video or web-based. Audio is the kind where participants can communicate only through voice and cannot see each other. It is considered as the most affordable and is used most often.

With video, all attendees are able to speak with each other as well as see each other. They can view presentations, reports and documents if they need to. Seminars and training programs can be effectively done using this method. However, this method requires the use of video equipment that can be expensive. Most companies only resort to using this method for very important meetings. This is because each participant needs to have video equipment, a television and a phone line. There can be problems if one or more participants do not have the needed equipment. Although they can still join the conference by audio call, they will not be able to take advantage of seeing what is being presented or each other for that matter.

Web-based conferencing service makes use of a computer and the internet. Participants can see each other, exchange files, photos, videos, and messages. They can also see and hear each other. The only problem with this method is if a participant does not have an internet connection. There are also problems that can arise if participants have different internet connection speeds.

Conference calling makes it easy and convenient to communicate with people at any time. Most companies use them as a cost-cutting exercise. The costs of the calls are considerably less than having participants travel. Travel-related expenses -- like air-fare, hotels and meals -- can form a very large chunk of most companies' expenses as executive or even job applicants need to be sent from one place to another.

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Understanding Conference Call Services

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This article was published on 2011/07/10